Welcome to the Big Bear Fetish

Celebrating Our 18th Year of Domestic Bliss

We met on 19 September 1992; we decided to join households on 12 October 1992 (Columbus Day). Therefore, rather than an anniversary, we celebrate an anniversarium between those two dates every year. We consider it one of the benefits of the gay lifestyle, since our state does not yet allow us a wedding anniversary to celebrate.

Jeff (left) and Isaac (right) enjoying a Caribbean cruise in 2003.

Delivering Jeff & Isaac Since 1996

We produced our first website in 1996. It was originally hosted most graciously by Steve Dyer on his spdcc.com server, home of the original Bears’ Mailing List and considered by us to be a very prestigious address.

Since then the fetish has been hosted on a handful of servers, picked up its own domain name, and gone through several design makeovers of which this is probably just the latest.

About the Fetish

The gorgeous bear fetish that we use as our logo device has been with us almost from the beginning. It is actually a small fetish fashioned from sterling silver and semi-precious gemstones, given to us as a piece of jewelry by our friend Nancy in about 1995. This is the first time that it actually appears with all of its original colors unaltered; why we altered it in the first place is a secret lost to the mists of time.

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