Tour -- 2nd Floor

loft rails from stairs

Ascending the stairs affords a dramatic view of the loft, its railings, and the first tantalizing glimpse of the upper floor of Björnslottet.

view from loft with Thorbjörn

Pausing for a moment at the head of the staircase, which lies just outside the door to The Guest Suite, Thorbjörn invites his guests to notice the breathtaking view to the rear of The Long Room below.

guest-room entrance from loft

At the top of the staircase we encounter another gouache by Pin. This painting was carefully chosen for this spot to serve as an artistic sentinetl for The Guest Suite which one enters through the door ahead. Also visible to the right are two more Pin gouaches done as a gift at the time of the death of Isaac's mother in 1987.

guest-room from door

The ample Guest Suite currently houses part of the library collection and several more artworks yet to be assigned places on the walls of the house. Note The Guest Bath en suite (not shown) and The Sitting Room (not shown), which also serves as storage area for needlecraft materiel so beloved of both Jeff & Isaac.

popout from sitting room

Moving from The Sitting Room through The PopOut located over the main entrance and serving as additional library space, we now enter...

loft from popout

...The Loft with its computer table, digital piano, entertainment unit and library of Compact Disks. This area also boasts several works by Pin: an oil painting, entitled "British Cemetery at Monte Cassino", and a photograph of Pin's partner, James P. Zarr. Near the piano (not visible) is a piece commemorating J.S. Bach, a gift from Dr. & Mrs. Charles Mock, and an American reproduction of a woodcut of a Protestant Easter hymn from Prague. Near the entertainment center is the door to The Master Bedroom.

master bedroom

Finally we pass into The Master Bedroom, with its bookcases and otherwise spartan furnishings. To the left is...

master bathroom, bathtub

...The Master Bathroom, featuring a large tub with a view of the woods facing the house,...

master bathroom, lavatories

...double lavatory with maple cabinets to the left, and, to the right...

master bathroom, shower

the house's piece de resistance, The Master Shower, with its generous size, double showerheads, and glass brick walls.