Bear-Box Clippings

Back in the early days of the internet, when folks were trying to figure out what it might be good for, we still did most of our reading via words printed on paper. Often these words were accompanied by pictures. Sometimes we'd have been merely reading a magazine, or a newspaper, or thumbing through a catalog, when we innocently turned a page and had our breath taken away by a bear who suddenly appeared before our astonished and delighted eyes.

Well, when that happened, we ripped the page out and put it right into our Bear Box. Yes, it was a real box, made of metal, suitable for keeping these treasures, and that's a picture of it. We still have it, too. While it's true that we trip over bear images much more readily these days -- and share them more readily online -- we still like to return now and then to these favorite selections from an earlier time.

The Original Bear Box

John Cooney, Realtor
Meet John Cooney, a Realtor in Washington, DC. This photo comes from the summer 2002 issue of window, which tells us it's our "Guide to Washington Gay Life". He does have a website, but you'll find mostly pictures of houses and not of Mr. Cooney, alas. Apparently, he stands ready to handle all your real estate needs. Not to be crude, but we can readily think of some property we'd like to put in his hands.

20 November 2003

[Update, 13 September 2008: when I checked, Mr. Cooney still has his website, but now there is a photograph of Mr. Cooney. Not surprisingly he looks a bit older now, but it doesn't look at all bad on him.

There must be something about the soil that seems to grow so many bearish horticulteralist. Here's another from the pages of Martha Stewart Living (see below). His name is Larry Becker, and he lives in New Jersey with his partner Roger Crowley, where they grow many of our favorite roses. Lucky New Jersey.

9 September 2001

Larry Becker & his roses

Tzabaco Guy

Okay, we admit it: we never bought anything from the Tzabaco catalog, but we always liked looking at the pictures, particularly when they introduced this model. We were sorely tempted.

9 September 2001

Even in the pages of Martha Stewart Living we findbears; but, then, maybe we shouldn't be too surprised. Thisis Glen Decker, member of the American Orchid Society,photographed along with some of his 5000 orchids,in the March, 2000, annual gardening issue. Glen likesbelonging to the society because, when he travels tomeetings, "I rarely have to stay in a hotel". I guesswe're not very surprised to hear that, either.

March 2000

Glen Decker & his orchids

Kenny Souter, and Fire Wood
This photo was on the cover of the "Home" section of The Washington Post, 4 November 1999. The accompanying article identifies the man in the truck as Kenny Souter, 37, of Culpeper, VA. According to the article, this man knows firewood; he's been selling it since he was knee-high to a grasshopper. Kenny's advice: "If the wood burns, you buy it. If it doesn't, you don't."

December 1999
According to the article accompanying this photograph of Gary Bialozynski, a dairy farmer in Wisconsin, that appeared in USA Today, 30 August 1999, Gary is concerned about the increasing costs of keeping phone service on his 278-acre farm. It seems that rural phone systems are heavily subsidized, and the phone companies would prefer to make more money by dumping the subsidies.

September 1999

Gary Bialozynski, Farmer

John Balzar, Adventurer
This clipping is from the February 1999 issue of Men's Journal (one of the strangest magazines ever: sort of a Men's Fitness crossed with something about mountain biking). It seems that John Balzar, correspondent for The Los Angeles Times, has written a book about sled-dog racing in Alaska (The Lure of the Quest).

February 1999
We don't know who he is, or whether he's really a fisherman as depicted in this Lands' End catalog, but we do know that the reason he's smiling is thatthe jacket he's wearing is on sale!

Winter 1998

On Sale at Lands' End!

Definitely a Speedo
It's another shot from a catalog, but this time the identity of the catalog is as much a mystery as the identity of the model since, in our haste, we just ripped this page out with no identifying information. With a high-contrast picture that displayed his fur better, you'd know why. On the other hand, he's wearing one of Jeff's favorite pieces of apparel, so we'll use our imagination?

Summer 1996
Let's continue in the Speedo mode for a moment. This remarkable photograph (well, just part of the photograph) of Olympic diver Mark Lenzi appeared in Newsweek, 24 June 1996. It identifies him as being at a quarry pool near the [University of] Indiana campus.

July 1996

Mark Lenzi, Olympic Diver

Patrick McCabe, Author
This photograph of Patrick McCabe, 43, appeared in Newsweek, 1 July 1996. Apparently McCabe is one of the new wave of Irish authors. The caption says: "With its loony humor and sense of dread, his The Butcher Boy is the novel of a master." Yes, sir!

July 1996
This reproduction (not reproduced very well here) of a self-portrait by artist Buton Silverman appeared in The New Yorker's goings-on about town section, but the part with the date has disappeared, so we're even more in the dark than usual about his details.

c. 1996

Burton Silverman, Artist

David Baltimore, Molecular Biologist
This is from a fascinating article in The New Yorker, 27 May 1996, about Mad-Cow Disease. At least, as far as we remember, it was. David Baltimore, identified in the caption as a "Scientist" is probably a Molecular Biologist or Immunologist, evidently at MIT during the time in question.

May 1996
There was a time when, without a doubt, Ken Bode was our favorite public-affairs program host on PBS. This advertisement appeared in The New Yorker sometime during the period while Mr. Bode was host of "Washington Week in Review".

c. 1996

Ken Bode, Public-Affairs Guy

Oliver Sacks, Neurologist, etc.
Can there be any doubt that Oliver Sacks is the hottest literary neurologist daddy bear around? This photograph is from an interview that appeared in Psychology today in May/June 1995. (We admit that we bought the issue just because he was in it.) We love his books; both the books and the author seem to get better with time's passing.

June 1995

[It's all still true here in September 2008!]

Well, we can't say that we follow Pro Wrestling very closely at all, but we'd be very happy to follow Arn Anderson pretty closely. Without a doubt, our favorite Pro Wrestler, this picture came from a WWF magazine (yes, we actually bought the magazine), what seems like a long time ago now.

c. 1995

Arn Anderson, Pro Wrestler