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Dennis Wickline
Cleveland, OH

Greetings... the two of you have grown nicely - still very attractive. Looking at the groundbreaking for your household - I have a picture of a long-haired,bearded bear standing up over the area before the groundbreaking ever took place. However, a few years have most assuredly passed - hair is short, beard ranges from really full to really tight. Eyes still blue - but the hair, beard,stache are a salt-n-pepper silvery color now. Really great to know you guys are still together. I have a different partner at this time; his name is Bill. We are now into our 9th year together and we play well with others. LOL Have you a clue or recall? Hugs-n-tugs Dennis (and Bill)... used to be Dennis and Tom Haught.
20:31 on 23 Mar 2009

Peter and Dick
Breda, The Netherlands

Hi Guys, Haven't read all of you magnificent homepage yet. But we are really impressed. As soon as we have time we\'ll sit back and read through all of it. Alas... we don't have anything to compare, but feel free to write us and ask away... Hugs, Peter and Dick
18:51 on 25 Aug 2008

Tom Mabon
Washington, DC

To Isaac, a friend that I admire very much, and his partner Jeff, to whom I hope to grow a friendship! The best to you both.
18:49 on 25 Aug 2008


Wow, I stumbled on you site by googling 'I love Jeff' (that's my husband). I was sitting at work thinking of him. Funny how just typing my thought brought me here. Warmest regards to you both.
15:50 on 7 May 2008

Lawrence Most
Copper City, MI USA

Hello guys, What a delightful site. I am very happy to see you guys so happy. I will bookmark this site and visit it often. It is magnificent. Thank you so much for sharing. Please send me an e mail if you have the time. thanks again Hugs(from snow country) Larry
20:25 on 15 Sep 2007

Bowie, MD

It was great meeting you guys, and love the site!
13:14 on 29 Jul 2007


Wolfgang Ridder is very Sexy.
18:11 on 30 Jun 2007

Max Vasilatos
Sam Framshishko

Oh hello.
20:46 on 7 Jun 2005

Shanwnda Lockood

nice food this look nice
7:42 on 20 May 2005


Just stopping by to see whats new.
9:08 on 15 Apr 2005

Baltimore, MD

After six or seven years I am FINALLY signing this guest book. Much like Rick and I have done at Bjornslottet so many times in the past years..WOOF!
14:13 on 25 Jan 2005


Both of ya seems to be a nice guys ;) WooOF! /Yog ( a swedish guy )
13:50 on 29 Sep 2004

B.J. Clouse
Fort Smith Ar.

I comend the two of you . seem to have a wonderful life together. Thank for sharing it with us. God Bless Love B.J.& Herbie
18:09 on 12 Sep 2004

Marco Ramirez
El Paso, Texas, USA

Wow! Both of you have lived such rich and interesting lives. I hope to find I can find a (bear)partner one day to do share my life. All the best!
17:51 on 2 Sep 2004

Travis Moose

LOVE LOVE LOVE the updates to the website!
13:33 on 25 Aug 2004

alain laverdiere
calgary, alberta, canada

hi! read about ninfa in a book by christopher woodward titled "in ruins". thankyou for providing your visually orientated website to compliment what i had read. i'm planning a trip to italy in the next two years. how does one visit the gardens when you don't yourself drive? i would very much appreciate this information. thanks, alain.
11:06 on 6 Aug 2004


Lots of fun. Thanks. Catbear, AOC
7:01 on 1 Jul 2004


Nice... I luv bears!
4:08 on 23 Jun 2004

Memphis TN area

Hey There guys!!! If you ever get to Memphis, I'd be more than happy to show you around and get to know you better!!! Will be in Atlanta and Chapel Hill NC in July-August.
19:06 on 2 Jun 2004

Madrid, Spain

I entered in your page looking for pics of Hercules Farnese. I?ve seen just in part, but I think it is very interesting and you are a nice couple.
0:13 on 6 Feb 2004

Chuck Anziulewicz
Spring Hill, West Virginia

Gee, how did I stumble across this site again? I contributed to your "Beard Exgesis" way back in 1998. How the years go by. Glad you too are still doing well. Best wishes for a most auspicious 2004!
6:54 on 31 Jan 2004

Bobby Burch
paisley flordia

loved the web site hope to talk to you sometime thanks and good bye
22:20 on 2 Dec 2003

San Jose, CA

When searching for 'bear fetish' (the figure) I came across your site. It's absolutely AMAZING! Thank you for sharing. :)
21:41 on 11 Sep 2003

Michael Grom
Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Hi! Found your site by searching for "Bear" and "Harpsichord" through google! :) You're indeed two sweet guys with a not-so-usual homepage! best wishes Michael
13:09 on 6 Sep 2003

webdesign d?sseldorf

great homepage!!
15:32 on 25 Jul 2003

Kurt VanSteenwyk

Love your site!
7:48 on 21 Jun 2003

Wisconsin, USA

I took a small tour of your website, and I am very impressed with your site. It is very refreshing to find a couple guys that do not have a bunch of naked photos for a website. I also find the comments refreshingly humourous. Thank you for such a quality that few couples have when makeing a website of thier own. hoping to become a friend of the two of you, Ric
22:56 on 13 Jun 2003

Jon in Austin
Um... Austin

Great site! I always love seeing Jeff's pix on sundry yahoogroups, and it was cool to see his pix in a different context. Y'all should visit sometime -- Austin has a real nice bear tribe.
6:23 on 7 Jun 2003

Baltimore/Glen Burnie

Like your website and nice looking couple. Have a great day.
18:17 on 30 Apr 2003

Indianapolis. IN

Love your albums. Much information that I can use to find the new bear for my life. To a great success! Take Care of yourselves!
20:26 on 15 Mar 2003


Nice pages, Guys. Glad to see I'm not the only one who likes Baltimore! My partner and I look suspiciously alike....well, like a pair that is meant to be together (only have been that for about a year). Congrats on your 10 years...wishing you many more years of bear happy days.
6:03 on 13 Mar 2003

scott hartsock

i like this site and want to join.
12:31 on 11 Mar 2003


Hallo, bin heute das erste mal auf eurer seite und finde sie super. Weiter so. gru? peter.
18:23 on 19 Feb 2003

Boston, MA

Loved the Bear Hunting Tips. I might even try a couple. Thanks for the great website and ideas. Look me up if you guys are in Boston. ;)
17:08 on 15 Sep 2002

Wales, UK

Hiya Jeff & Isaac, just wanted to say i loved the site. You're home looks gorgeous & you make a sweet couple. Woofs & cubbie hugs Andy xx
5:57 on 13 Jul 2002

Brandy Richardson, Jason Combs
San Antonio, Texas

Hey you two just taking a tour of the home. Looks nice to me. Maybe we can come visit some time. Brandy and Jason.
17:07 on 7 Jul 2002

Nicole Thomas
Green Bay WI 54302

I love to crochet afghans and I would love to make doilies that would go with them. How do you learn to make the doilies? I am a fast learner but something simple at first would be great. Thank you for your time and consideration and your fabulous web page. Nicole Thomas
10:57 on 13 Jun 2002

havre de grace maryland

hello! i love the webpage and e-mails are welcome
15:04 on 10 Jun 2002

Beth Lingg

You two are very,very talented.
14:26 on 2 Jun 2002

Hamburg Germany

Hot pics at underbears!! greetings Peter
12:24 on 1 May 2002


Carpe Diem.........
21:27 on 16 Apr 2002

Nancy Ruley

Your Sandy is beautiful and it is good to know that there are others who will take an older dog and love him or her for whatever time you have them. My husband and I have done the same and although it is tearful when they go too soon, it is gratifying to know that you were able to provide it with love up until the end. I wish you and your Dowland and the next grey that you get, cuase there will be another, the best.
21:00 on 19 Mar 2002

Carl Lawrence
El Cerrito, CA

Hi Jeff and Isaac: Just wanted to say how much I have been enjoying the pictures Jeff has been sharing of himself and that I think you are both very handsome and good looking couple. Hope we get to meet some day. Hugs, Carl
22:27 on 18 Mar 2002

Laurie Wilson
Bowie, MD

I am so sorry to hear about Sandy. Be comforted in knowing she is in a better place with no suffering. I viewed your memorial to her, it was very nice.
19:20 on 9 Mar 2002


What a gentle soul. So very sad for your deep loss. I hope your loving memories are a comfort to you both. Mary
21:33 on 5 Mar 2002

Swedebear, Matts and Anders

We are sad to hear about Sandy. The loss of a belowed member of the familly is hard to come over. You both are in our thoughts. We are asure you will meet again at the Rainbow Bridge. Matts and Anders
4:43 on 5 Mar 2002

steve pecha
dallas, texas usa

your site was neat and i appreciate all the hard work that went into it. keep up the good work
10:44 on 13 Feb 2002

Francis Martin
Hollywood, California, USA

I reccommend that you add U.S. Grant to "Bears in History" "I would absolutely f**ck U.S. Grant !" -Chris Xefos
0:15 on 6 Feb 2002

Steve Kluth
St Louis, MO

Neat site. Have a few acquaintances in common (Ramsey and Dennis), but that seems fairly normal in the bear world. Anyhoo, hello from a fellow bear atheist. Steve
17:46 on 5 Feb 2002

North Carolina

Hi guys, you have a great site, I loved it.
0:26 on 30 Jan 2002

Tom Robertson
Gaithersburg, MD, USA

Just wanted to leave a note that I saw your *fabulous* website. Pale purple and and orcher go so nicely together... Hope to see you soon at some holiday festivity or another. Scritches to the hundarna. Word to da bears!
21:24 on 10 Dec 2001

Ozguyz - Mike [& Mark]
Melbourne, VIC Australia

G'day Guys Had come across your site a while back, and now am tidying up my bookmarks, it won't be deleted!! What a great site and so much to read. Quite timely as I am visiting my Mum in London in late June - July and one of her long time wishes is a trip to Sweeden. So I may be coming back to you for some advice if you don't mind and will certainly be back to finish reading your pages. Regards from downunder.
17:48 on 17 Mar 2001

Baltimore, MD US of A

Long time no the revisions to the site....after a long hiatus I think it is safe to re-enter Gerry and my entry in your gallery of friends....
14:09 on 16 Oct 2000

Philadelphia, P.A. U.S.A

Great site, gusy, I love it!!! Humor, warmth,'s got it all! Would love to correspond with you two!
13:40 on 9 Sep 2000

Kansas City, KS

Hi Uncle Isaac; hi Uncle Jeff. I was cleaning off mom's desk and found a piece of paper with a web address on it. And behold the great Bjornslottet!! I really like the site, it's looks very nice and is easy to navigate. I miss you guys. Big hugs for my uncle bears. Have to go and read the story now.
18:19 on 29 Aug 2000

Brian Bentson
Boston, MA USA

Thank you Thorbj?rn for that incredible tour of Bj?rnslottet. I must say first off that I am so excited about your website! How beautifuly designed. The colors, style and pictures all seem to capture your thoughts so well! It must be you! Woof! To the two of you! You both grabbed my attention because of your woofy bear looks! Indeed I will boast your site to all of my bear buddies. Your home is splendid! Congrats to a beautiful site!
13:47 on 21 May 2000

Toronto, ON Canada

Thanks for allowing me to visit your pages. Bill M mentioned that to me. I am sure you are having a great visit with Bill. You house is very beautiful and your pages are very very interesting. Thanks
18:49 on 23 Jan 2000

Andrew Barron of Bolton , Home for the Wayward
Baltimore, MD North America

Dearest J & I, Such a long time and our common ( either definition) friends have kept us apart! So I was pleasantly suprised to find site as I was cruising for smut! Thanx for such a lovlely visit. If per chance you happen upon CROOKED CORNER, do have the inmates, er, proprietors call! Cheers.
9:33 on 12 Jan 2000

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