Our List of Lists

Working on the theory that one can tell alot about a person by the contents of his underwear drawer, say, or by what he has in the attic, we see what we might reveal about us by presenting our list of lists. (We haven't inventoried our drawers of drawers yet though.)

Eating establishments we frequent

  • Annie's Paramount Steak House
    Washinton, DC
  • Arby's
    Waugh Chapel, MD
  • East Moon, Bowie, MD
  • Eastern Buffet
    Laurel, MD
  • Grace's Fortune
    Bowie, MD
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken
    Bowie, MD
  • Old Country Buffet
    Annapolis, MD
  • Popeye's Fried Chicken
    Bowie, MD
  • South York Diner
    York, PA
  • Taco Bell
    Lanham, MD
  • Wendy's
    Bowie, MD
  • Vietnamese Noodle House, Crofton, MD

Electrical appliances in the kitchen

  • Refrigerator
  • Microwave oven
  • Cuisinart food processor
  • Cuisinart ice-cream maker
  • Drip coffee maker
  • 5-Quart slow cooker
  • 4-Slice toaster
  • Blender
  • Hand-held electric mixer

Magazines we subscribe to

  • The American Organist
  • Archeology
  • Choral Journal
  • Consumer Reports
  • Cook's Illustrated
  • Gourmet
  • National Geographic
  • The New Yorker
  • Physics Today
  • Smithsonian

States in the USA that we've visited together

  • Colorado
  • Delaware
  • District of Columbia
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Kansas
  • Maryland
  • Missouri
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • South Carolina
  • Virginia
  • West Virginia

Countries that we've visited together

  • Bahamas
  • Italy
  • Mexico
  • Sweden