Some Photos of Isaac

This is a small collection of pictures of Isaac, mostly from a few years (to longer!) ago. Someday we may make an all-new photo album, once we get around to rescanning some of the older images and relocating the newer ones.


St. Isaac, in Albano, Italy.

The Gardens at Ninfa, Italy.

Various spots in Rome, Italy....

Ready for a day of sightseeing in Rome.

St. Peter's Colonnade, Vatican City.

Fountain near St. Peter's, Vatican City.


Photos by Renzo

At the Walters Art Gallery, Baltimore, Maryland

Union Station, Washington, DC

Annapolis, Maryland



isaac at Bear Creek Camp

Bear Creek Camp, Pennsylvania.


beefcake isaac

Beefcake Isaac


Rome, Italy
Photos by Renzo

isaac next to sign
isaac with lion isaac, pensive
isaac, laughing  


Sant' Anselmo Abbey
Rome, Italy

isaac eating flower
isaac with mark